Translating Science into Usable Technology

Behavioral Diagnostics develops tools for researchers, clinicians, insurers, attorneys, and employers to use as they diagnose and manage substance use and substance-use-related disorders.


The company was founded in 2009 to share the set of epigenetic discoveries made by Dr. Rob Philibert, a physician-scientist who investigates the biological basis for neuropsychiatric illness.


Dr. Philibert discovered and published groundbreaking papers demonstrating that substance use is associated with stable epigenetic DNA changes. The findings suggest that substance use initiates critical changes in cellular properties, which leads to certain illnesses. This discovery is revolutionary, flying in the face of work from other researchers, which indicates that vulnerability to complex behavioral disorders is secondary to genetic factors.


A powerful team at Behavioral Diagnostics works together to translate scientific findings into usable technology for researchers, clinicians, and parents.



The use of DNA methylation to assess smoking status is covered by U.S. Patent 8,637,652 and several pending national and international intellectual property claims. To order tests, such as the Smoke Signature,™ or inquire about licensing, please contact us.