How do I get Alcohol or Smoking Signature testing done for my client or patient?

Contact us and we will then ship you a test kit(s).  Have your client or patient’s blood drawn and return the sample to us using the pre-paid mailer.

What do the test results look like?

You are provided with the methylation values for each locus along with both the values of the normal range and a personalized interpretation of the results for the coded specimen.

Is this test anonymous?

We only test coded specimens. Unless you specify otherwise, we destroy the DNA 30 days after testing is complete. We do not learn the names of clients.

What if I need further information or testimony in a child custody dispute?

Scientific information on our test is available by reading our research. We can provide testimony in custody disputes for an additional fee. The basis for our test has been verified over 50 times by groups around the world, and it uses a diagnostic platform found in thousands of hospitals worldwide. Learn more by reading our related publications validating results.

What if I need expert testimony?

We can provide testimony for an additional fee. Our tests are based on the best peer-reviewed science, and it uses a standard diagnostics platform.

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