Identify & Quantify Alcohol or Smoking Consumption

Especially in child custody, abuse, divorce, or visitation cases, documented history of substance abuse or DUI convictions – or sudden changes in behavior indicating excessive alcohol or smoking consumption – may lead to required testing.


In a matter of hours, an Alcohol or Smoking Signature™ test can identify and quantify consumption over time. Even if they haven’t been used in several days, the test can accurately and reliably determine the exact amount consumed by a plaintiff or defendant so that appropriate decisions can be made. This is possible due to the measurement of the exact level of DNA methylation – modification of a gene without changing the sequence – which quantifies smoking or alcohol consumption over long periods of time. The results can play a key part in the outcome of a legal case.


Based on test results, this information can also be used to help establish necessary addiction treatment plans and provides a fast and precise way to track improvement throughout the rehabilitation process.

Uses Include:
  • If taken around the time of arrest, can demonstrate a lack of chronic alcohol intake
  • Taking the test after arrest and then 1-2 months later can demonstrate commitment to alcohol-free living
  • The test can be used to substantiate or dispute allegations of alcoholism


  • No need for costly and cumbersome bracelets
  • Can be used to complement random “spot checks” using breathalyzers
  • Specific for smoking tobacco rather than other forms
  • Affordable