Remove the Communication Barrier, Get Accurate Information

Physicians, nurses, and other medical professionals often face an awkward situation when it comes to smoking or alcohol: they ask their patient about his or her smoking or drinking – only to not gather a real answer.


One way to improve this often unproductive dialogue is by having sensitive quantitative diagnostics tools available to the health care team for assessing substance use. By quickly receiving accurate, detailed information about a person’s cigarette or alcohol consumption, clinicians can more clearly assess the scope of the clinical situation and avoid potential costly treatment failures.


Our tools for assessing alcohol and cigarette consumption are only the tip of the iceberg.  We have also identified epigenetic biomarkers for the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of other conditions.  Eventually, epigenetic Precision Medicine tools will become clinically commonplace, allowing for the selection of the right drugs and treatments at the right time for each patient.  Please check back with us as we move forward to  the introduction of these tools for clinical use.

Uses Include:
  • Precisely measures average daily cigarette or alcohol consumption
  • Get truthful and accurate results
  • Increase success rate of substance abuse treatments


  • Measures alcohol and smoking consumption over time
  • Specifically measures smoking tobacco rather than other forms
  • Affordable