Detect and Monitor Substance Abuse in Employees

Whether it’s a condition of employment, due to an accident or injury, or simply to support a safe and productive workplace, it’s not uncommon for employers to ask employees to take random or scheduled drug tests. In fact, in many cases, certain industries require it, including transportation, healthcare, government, and construction.


Substance abuse – either while on the job or before/after work hours – can negatively impact employees and employers. For example, according to the American Council for Drug Education, 40% of on-the-job industrial fatalities are substance abusers.


The key to preventing substance abuse from taking over the life of an employee is identifying it as early as possible and pursuing treatment before the situation spirals out of control. If usage is detected promptly, potential injuries or other issues can be prevented before they impact other workers – or the entire organization. By testing early and often, you can also avoid potential absenteeism and productivity issues.


Behavioral Diagnostics’ testing tools, such as Alcohol Signature™, can help employers detect and monitor employee substance abuse, as well as follow progress once a problem is identified and a treatment plan is in place.

Uses Include:
  • Precisely measures average daily cigarette or alcohol consumption in anyone even if they haven’t used substances in days.
  • Get truthful and accurate consumption results instead of relying on self-reporting or other tests.
  • Quickly identify if candidates meet employer policies based on actual history of alcohol and smoking use.


  • Measures alcohol and smoking consumption over time. Patients can’t stop before testing to alter results.
  • The results are provided directly to the employer via encrypted files. Client privacy is maintained.
  • Affordable. Group and bundle rates available. Contact us for more information.