Make Confident Decisions

The results of a smoking or alcohol consumption test can make or break the decision to provide a potential customer with the life or health insurance he or she requests (or, at the very least, impact insurance rates). Test results must be accurate – and must be able to pinpoint any potential problems that may cause issues down the road for insurers.


Smoke Signature™ and Alcohol Signature™ tests can help insurance companies make these types of decisions quickly and confidently by measuring an applicant’s exact level of DNA methylation – modification of a gene without changing the sequence – to quantify smoking or alcohol consumption over long periods of time. Even if the applicant hasn’t consumed alcohol or smoked cigarettes in several days, this technology precisely detects usage.


Through this testing technology, you’ll know upfront about potential liabilities involving smoking and drinking so you can make decisions accordingly.

Take a look at our case studies to see how BD is working with insurers!

Uses Include:
  • Precisely measures average daily cigarette or alcohol consumption in anyone even if they haven’t used substances in days.
  • Get truthful and accurate consumption results instead of relying on self-reporting or other tests.
  • Quickly identify which health or insurance plans are applicable based on actual history of alcohol and smoking use.


  • Measures alcohol and smoking consumption over time. Patients can’t stop before testing to alter results.
  • The results are provided directly to the insurer via encrypted files. Client privacy is maintained.
  • Affordable. Group and bundle rates available. Contact us for more information.