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About us

Behavioral Diagnostics develops tools for researchers, clinicians, insurers, attorneys, and employers to use as they diagnose and manage substance use and substance-use-related disorders.

The company was founded in 2009 to share the set of epigenetic discoveries made by Dr. Rob Philibert, a physician-scientist who investigates the biological basis for neuropsychiatric illness.

Dr. Philibert discovered and published groundbreaking papers demonstrating that substance use is associated with stable epigenetic DNA changes. The findings suggest that substance use initiates critical changes in cellular properties, which leads to certain illnesses. This discovery is revolutionary, flying in the face of work from other researchers, which indicates that vulnerability to complex behavioral disorders is secondary to genetic factors.

A powerful team at Behavioral Diagnostics works together to translate scientific findings into usable technology for researchers, clinicians, and parents.

Meet our team

Meet the researchers and business leaders who are working every day to make healthcare more accessible to all.

Rob Headshot

Dr. Rob Philibert

Founder & CEO

Hands Portraits Anne

Anne Rizzo MBA

Chief Financial Officer

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Dr. Kelsey Dawes

Chief Scientific Officer

How we identify and quantify

Our process is simple and thorough—anyone can follow it, everyone can benefit.

1. Order your test

Order Lung CA™, Alcohol Signature®, or Smoke Signature® and set an appointment to have your blood drawn. Then ship the pre-paid package back to us!

2. Receive results

Receive your diagnostic results in only a few short days. Your results are delivered in a report that is easy to understand. Your results are also private.

3. Make a change

Give yourself 1- 3 months to make changes to your consumption. This can lead to a healthier lifestyle and lower your chances of disease. You will start to see benefits.

4. Track progress

Lastly, contact Behavioral Diagnostics to order the tests again and track your progress as you make your changes. This helps ensure you’re on the right track.

Our passion

Good health is one of the most precious gifts anyone can give or receive—and we think it’s time everyone had access to it.

Our tests are designed to be reliable, expedient, precise, and provide detailed advice that can be used to guide treatment or health plans into the long-term. 

Chances are, many of the people who may take our tests have never had the opportunity to interact with their health in such a simple, but comprehensive way. We believe this opportunity affords possibly a profound experience for many people—it’s one matter to hear about your health results from a provider; it’s another matter entirely to administer the test, and when you receive the results, be able to fully understand what is being said, and why.

People deserve to be put in a more active and involved role with something as intimate as their personal health. Our tests give them that chance, maybe for the first time in their life.

From healthcare providers, to insurers, employers, and individual patients, our tests deliver digestible information at an affordable cost, with quick turnarounds and precise results. We are happy to provide these to the people who need them most, and believe it is the first step in promoting a greater collective awareness of personal health for everyone, no matter who they are.

It’s time people discovered a new way to good health. We believe this to be possible—do you?

Who we help with our screenings

From major healthcare providers and insurers to personal patient kits, our screenings are for everyone.

Healthcare Simple

For Healthcare

Tests made for healthcare professionals, backed by years of experience and research.

Insurance Simple2

For Insurers

Receive accurate results that screen for liabilities upfront.

Employer Simple

For Employers

Detect and monitor potential substance abuse before it leads to a workplace incident.

Patient Simple2

For Patients

A whole new way to monitor your health and discover something about your genes.