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Benefits of our screenings for healthcare providers

Many patients struggle with alcohol and tobacco abuse. General advice and counsel for lifestyle changes can be enough for some to make the appropriate adjustments for the sake of their health—but not always.

At Behavioral Diagnostics, our team of scientists and researchers produce several kinds of tests—a smoking signature, an alcohol signature, and a precision lung cancer screening. These are simple, affordable tests that any patient can take home, self-administer, and send back in a day, with less than a week’s turnaround for results.

We make these tests because we want people to engage with their health in a way they never have before. For healthcare providers especially, we’d like to produce high-quality, affordable technology that they can feel comfortable recommending to patients who depend on them for trusted advice on health and wellness. Now, you have one more item you can use to get them on the road to the health they truly deserve.

Early Detection

These tests measure the exact level of DNA methylation that has taken place from consumption of alcohol or tobacco. 

A quantitative result is produced, which can be used to establish a baseline diagnosis of a patient’s overall health and abuse of the substance.  

Using these methods, our tests are able to provide detailed and personalized advice for treatment plans for substance abuse, as well as quantify eight-year lung cancer risks.   

Understanding Your Results

These results are easy for patients to understand, and presented in a way where they can gain a clear picture of what these substances are doing to their body, and the long-term trends that will emerge based on the relevant data if they continue their use.


We have specific pricing for Healthcare Providers.  Contact us here to find out more.

Use Cases
  • Precisely measures average daily cigarette or alcohol consumption in anyone even if they haven’t used substances in days.
  • Get truthful and accurate consumption results instead of relying on self-reporting or other tests.
  • Quickly identify which health or insurance plans are applicable based on actual histor yof alcohol and smoking use.
The Signature Advantage
  • Measures alcohol and smoking consumption over time. Patients can’t stop before testing to alter results.
  • The results are provided directly to the insurer via encrypted files. Client privacy is maintained.
  • Affordable. Group and bundle rates available. Contact us for more information.
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Lung CA™


Smoke Signature©


Alcohol Signature™

How we identify and quantify

Our process is simple and thorough—anyone can follow it, everyone can benefit.

1. Order your test

Order Lung CA™, Alcohol Signature®, or Smoke Signature©, and set an appointment to have your blood drawn. Then ship the pre-paid package back to us!

2. Receive results

Receive your diagnostic results in only a few short days. Your results are delivered in a report that is easy to understand. Your results are also private.

3. Make a change

Give yourself 1 – 3 months to make changes to your consumption. This can lead to a healthier lifestyle and lower your chances of disease. You will start to see benefits.

4. Track progress

Lastly, contact Behavioral Diagnostics to order the tests again and track your progress as you make your changes. This helps ensure you’re on the right track.

Our Promise
Accurate results

In a matter of hours, an Alcohol or Smoke Signature© test can identify and quantify consumption over time. Even if they haven’t been used in several days, the test can provide results that measure average consumption over time so that appropriate decisions can be made. This is possible due to the measurement of the exact level of DNA methylation – modification of a gene without changing the sequence – which quantifies smoking or alcohol consumption over long periods of time. 

Lung CA™ Screening quantifies 8-year lung cancer risk and provides personalized guidance for shared decision making on LDCT screening. 

Our patented testing method uses data from over 3,000 subjects in the NLST and powerful artificial intelligence computation methods to calculate your eight-year risk for lung cancer. Based on this data and your personal medical status, you and your doctor can decide whether the costs and risks of LDCT screening are right for you.

1. National Lung Screening Trial Research Team, Aberle DR, Adams AM, Berg CD, Black WC, Clapp JD, Fagerstrom RM, Gareen IF, Gatsonis C, Marcus PM, Sicks JD. Reduced lung-cancer mortality with low-dose computed tomographic screening. N. Engl. J. Med, 2011. 365(5): p. 395-409. 2. Philibert, R., et al., Using Cg05575921 methylation to predict lung cancer risk: a potentially bias-free precision epigenetics approach. Epigenetics, 2022: p. 1-13.
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Check out our case studies!

A selection of examples from past tests we’ve administered. Click here for more case studies.

October 17, 2022

Rodger Hergenrader


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| Portland, OR


The signature advantage

It’s time everyone had a new relationship with their health.

Our team at Behavioral Diagnostics produces one-of-a-kind health screening tests for tobacco and alcohol abuse, as well as lung cancer screenings. 

These are simple take-home kits that can be self-administered by patients, sent off to a lab, and returned with up-to-date results in a matter of days. Within a week after taking the test, you’ll have the opportunity to completely reengage with your health in a way you never have before.

We’re a team of scientists, researchers, and business professionals with over thirty years of experience in each of our fields, and we share one aim: making good health accessible to all. By producing these tests, we hope people find new ways to approach their health and well-being, backed by the peer-reviewed results of decades of hard scientific work and practice.

If health truly is a kind of wealth, it’s debatably the most accessible form of wealth everyone has a chance to achieve. We’d like to contribute towards a world where that isn’t just a dream, but an active reality for all—and it starts with a few simple tests.

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