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Lung CA™ Screening

Precise lung cancer screenings that quantify an 8-year lung cancer risk and offer personalized treatment guidance.

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Screening Purpose

About this screening

Lung cancer is the leading cancer related cause of death in the United States. The earlier it is detected, the greater the chances of survival. Currently, the clinical standard for the detection of lung cancer is a form of X-ray examination called low dose computerized tomography (LDCT). LDCT can detect lung cancer at its earliest stages. However, LDCT screening has significant side effects.

As a result, the United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) recommends counseling with your healthcare provider prior to LDCT decision making to decide if testing is right for you. 

This test, which was developed using funding by the National Cancer Institute and data from the National Lung Screening Trial (NLST)[1], is designed to provide objective data to help you and your clinician decide if testing is the right decision for you.

Our Promise
Accurate results

In order to help you and your doctor make the right decision for you, you need to know your risk for lung cancer. Our patented testing method uses data from over 3000 subjects in the NLST and powerful artificial intelligence computation methods to calculate your eight-year risk for lung cancer.

Based on this data and your personal medical status, you and your doctor can decide whether the costs and risks of LDCT screening are right for you. In addition, if you are still a smoker, your doctor and you can then use the epigenetic information to guide smoking cessation.
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Your Lung CA™ Test Results


Cumulative Risk

How we identify and quantify

Our process is simple and thorough—anyone can follow it, everyone can benefit.

1. Order your test

Order Lung CA™ and set an appointment to have your blood drawn. Then ship the pre-paid package back to us!

2. Receive results

Receive your diagnostic results in only a few short days. Your results are delivered in a report that is easy to understand. Your results are also private.

3. Make a change

Give yourself 1- 3 months to make changes to your consumption. This can lead to a healthier lifestyle and lower your chances of disease. You will start to see benefits.

4. Track progress

Lastly, contact Behavioral Diagnostics to order the tests again and track your progress as you make your changes. This helps ensure you’re on the right track.

View a sample screening!

See how your results will be provided to you after your screening, and how these results will help you know yourself and live a healthier life.

The benefits of our Lung CA™ Screening​
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Lung CA™ Screening
No close competitors
The only test on the market
Compatible with telehealth platforms
Cannot be fooled by short-term abstinence
Patented test
Uses saliva
Can be used as lung cancer screening
Can be used to guide therapy & treatment


Advantages of Lung CA™

Our test kits produce precise, expedient, and reliable results that quantify lung cancer up to 8 years, and come with personalized guidance for possible treatment.

Reduce unnecessary testing

Eliminate 10-25% of follow-up testing by reliably identifying those who are at low risk.

Prioritize high-risk patients

Focus time and resources on the top 25% of patients who are at the highest risk.

No blood draw

Increase patient compliance and reduce staffing costs by using our saliva-based assay.

Telehealth compatible

In-home testing gives time and privacy back to the patient – increasing compliance and improving outcomes.

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Who we help with our screenings

From major healthcare providers and insurers to personal patient kits, our screenings are for everyone.

Healthcare Simple
For Healthcare

Tests made for healthcare professionals, backed by years of experience and research.

Insurance Simple2
For Insurers

Receive accurate results that screen for liabilities upfront.

Employer Simple
For Employers

Detect and monitor potential substance abuse before it leads to a workplace incident.

Patient Simple2
For Patients

A whole new way to monitor your health and discover something about your genes.

Get started today!

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